Studio Weave at Kedleston Hall

Hear Here

Visualisation of the Hear Here listening to water

London-based architects Studio Weave have designed a series of pieces that will turn visitors’ attention to the surrounding parkland, an integral part of the neo-classical vision of Kedleston’s 18th century architect and designer, Robert Adam. Through the work, visitors will be encouraged to listen to and interact with all the different sights and sounds of this extraordinary landscape.

Map sketch of the Here Hear locations

A preliminary sketch of the Hear Here locations on The Long Walk at Kedleston Hall.

The Hear Heres are designed to pick up and amplify particular sounds related to their four locations. The Hear Here in the Back Grounds bursts out from the woods opening up to a trumpet large enough to envelop visitors; here you will hear the twitterings and rustles and patters of unseen creatures and breezes passing through branches. On the top of Hare Pit Hill, the Hear Here stretches up into the air, bringing the sounds of the sky down to earth from buzzing insects to distant rumbles. Tucked away by the Splash Pool, the third Hear Here swoops down to the water’s surface, transporting the gentle sound of rippling water up to the riverbank. And finally, the small and agile Hear Here, which wraps around the tree trunk rather than being held up by supports, weaves into the hidden denseness of life on the branches and brings the sounds of the tree down to the curious explorer upon arrival at Kedleston.

Visitors Information

Clumber Park – London Fieldworks
For more information on Clumber Park, it's history and facilities, and for opening times and directions please visit the Clumber Park section of the National Trust website.

Kedleston Hall – Studio Weave
For more information on Kedleston Hall, it's history and facilities, and for opening times and directions please visit the Kedleston Hall section of the National Trust website.


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